The Celestial Strings is a Piano Trio ensemble composed of three instrumentalists – Josh Czoski, Violinist;  Kathleen Czoski, Cellist;  Floyd Czoski, Pianist/Keyboardist.

Josh Czoski is a professional violinist, having won numerous awards as well as a violin scholarship at Eastern Washington University. Josh graduated from Eastern Washington University with a second degree in computer science. He now lives outside Atlant.

Kathleen Czoski holds a Master of Music with honors from Roosevelt University.  She is a professional cellist/symphony musician for 31 years (12 years in Spokane Symphony). Kathleen has played in numerous ensembles for shows in Chicago including the Schubert Theater, Grant Park Symphony Orchestra and Lyric Opera Orchestra.

Floyd Czoski is a music director at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, and an associate organist at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes, Spokane.  He is also an organist at St. Francis Xavier Church in Spokane as well as a freelance pianist. Floyd holds a Master of Music in performance from Roosevelt University.